Dance, for me, is the language of the soul. It is silent, but it expresses itself through the body. It plays a most significant role in my life; it keeps me healthy, both mentally and physically.

I began as a trainee in Bhratnatyam when I was ten years of age. Starting as a Classical dancer was pretty tough, challenging and extremely tiring. But as time went by, my interest in various dance genres, be it Classical or Western, kept growing with me. Then came a point when I realised that, I was inseparable from dance.

My passion for dancing made me join Twist N Turns as a trainee instructor. I was pleased to be a small part of a devoted and talented dance team here. I feel privileged to have trained under the guidance of some amazingly experienced trainers. It was my good fortune that I learnt Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop from them. Such motivation and support from the trainers is truly commendable and Iwould like to continue my passionate pursuit of dance throughout my life
I would like to end with what Friedrich Nietzsche had to say about passion, since it reflects exactly what Dance means for me: "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music".

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