NikitaNikita has been passionate for dancing since the age of three. Starting with taking the lead in all her school shows, Nikita was awarded the title of “Best Dancer” at both school and college. The passion grew on becoming profession, since 2007 and since then there has been no looking back. She dances, performs and teaches Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. 
She is also a trained SALSA dancer and teacher. She has performed nationally a number of times.

She specializes in teaching creative movement to toddlers of 3 years.
She is a licensed ZUMBA Instructor and students love and wait for her classes. She has taken a further specialization in ZUMBATOMIC - which is ZUMBA Fitness for kids

She is also under rigorous training of Belly Dance, and is spreading the primitive Egyptian art in the city.
She is also in demand for her creative conceptualization of shows – from theme to set to overall message.

She always believed that DANCE is something more than just learning and performing, and kept looking for deeper meaning for her passion until she found DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY,which is a psycho therapeutic use of dance and movement for emotional, physical and cognitive disorders.

She is now a certified DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPIST and hopes to help challenged people make life easier with DANCE.