kenzoKnzo Mendy, a native of Senegal and Cape Verde, is rocked from an early age in the rhythm, dance and musicality.His childhood is washed by the dance major component of African culture. For knzo dance becomes the expression of early life, he grew up in a world where the dances are an integral part of everyday life and are a way of life.
His original style, his passion for "Culture" and the creation at large, his boundless energy and perfectionism makes her dancing and unforgettable novel.
Thus, by teaching his knowledge and participating in events and conferences around the world it continues to diversify and expand her passion of dance.
With these many experiences he founded his own dance schooland fitness center to transmit his passion even more. A friendly and dynamic emanates from each course.
Besides being a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher and sports, it is also event organizer.
Made of round trips between four continents, experience knzo continues to grow and feed through the crossings of relentless American cultures, Caribbean, European and of course Africa.
By fusing Latin dance with a multitude of other styles like Hip-Hop, African dance, or the Caribbean dances, knzo finds creneauè.
But ... is not counting on was the arrival of Zumba in his universe. Knzo indeed discovered Zumba in 2009 and soon obtained the necessary certificates to the teaching of this discipline. Today passionate advocate Zumba program, it regularly organizes training courses as soon as possible and invite other colleagues international instructors. It is also in Senegal that promotes the program to the delight of his students, and it is with all the energy of its own that knzo transmits his passion for Zumba who want to indulge in his intoxicating rhythms ...