Dance teachers and Instructors of Twist N Turns.

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Vinaya1Ardent Zumba lover, Fitness freak, Latin music enthusiast, a doting mother to twins, these are just a few adjectives that define ZIN Vinaya. She has always been into dancing and fitness but took Zumba seriously few years back, which changed her life forever.

She has been teaching since 2014 in SouthCity to both adults and kids and now she's aiming to spread her wings across Kolkata. Practices kickboxing, spinning and running but Zumba keeps her charged up. So here she is with Twist N Turns to motivate people to shapeup, lose weight and become fit and strong while enjoying this journey towards fitness.

HER MOTTTO -  Love yourself and love fitness because being fit can only give u the Real Kick!!


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Soma 2Dance has been a great passion for me since childhood. Graduated from Rabindra Bharati University in Bharatanatyam, I was blessed with opportunities to perform and study under some renowned masters like Guru Khagendra Nath Barman & Smt.Ambali Pokraj.
In addition to dance styles like Bollywood and free style, body fitness has also been a part of my life. I went forward and got certified as a licensed Zumba Instructor. 

For me, Zumba is so much more than an exercise class. It is a place where I feel comfortable enough to express myself through dance and have fun. There is a sense of community in all my classes as we all dance our butts off !

It is 'Dance like nobody's watching' !

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Kavya2Kavya believes that there is something extremely gorgeous about movement. It's like a life force that shows itself through the body and the eyes like fire. Kolkata is not only her birth place but also the very place where she realized that she belongs to a world of rhythm, beats, steps, expression and movement.

She would dance for the sheer joy of it at various marriage ceremonies and school fests. Seeing her enthusiasm her parents decided to put her into a local dance school. Hobby soon became passion and she decided to take it up professionally in the year 2012.
Her inspirations have been ibuki, kumari suraj, mia Michaels and yannis Marshall. Trained in jazz, contemporary and hip hop , she is here to make sure that the sounds produced by her steps are not lost but are remembered as creations.

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Mrittika2I am Mrittika Datta, I was 4 years old when my Guruji introduced me to “TAAL” .My journey started back then. I have been to places like Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha and Kolkata and gathered knowledge about different dance forms. I have been trained in different classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kalaripayattu and Kathak. Finally I found the dance form that defines me “KATHAK”. I have been learning and teaching contemporary dance for more than 10 years. Dance to me is an expression of self where not just we use our body but mind and emotions too. Dance is the visual representation of celebrating myself.

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Subhabrita21Dancing with your feet is one thing, but I dance with my heart. It's not only my passion, but also my way of life. It sets me free and I feel fully alive to each and every moment of my life while I am dancing. 

I discovered the love for dancing at the age of 3, started my journey of dance with formal training in Bharatanatyam from Kalamandalam at the age of 6. Since then have tried different styles of dancing like Semi-classical,Folk,Rabindrik,Indian contemporary. Then I was introduced to this world famous fitness program - Zumba through friends and joined TWIST N TURNS as a student. I soon fell madly in love with ZUMBA. Inspired by Tapas Sir, I took Basic 1 training to became a Licensed ZUMBA instructor and now I take Zumba classes at TNT.

Though I am a software engineer by profession but my passion lies in dancing more than coding :). Dancing not only makes me feel beautiful but also empowers me to express and explore.

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