I feel, there is no difference between being on the Dance floor and Flying high in the sky! Dancing gives me wings, it makes me desperate yet patient, passionate, Self-obsessed but humble. Since Childhood as I always believed in versatility, I tried different styles in dancing; whether it is Indian Classical or semi-classical, Indian Folk or Rabindrik, Bollywood or Fusion forms, I took Training in 'Uday Shankar Style' From My Guru Smt. Mamata Shankar. 

I was awarded many times in my school and college for Best Dancer/Performer and also awarded for Best Choreography in University programs. My parents' support, A lot of people's admiration, appreciation and my own passion,hard work and confidence made me a Professional Dancer and Choreographer today! To build myself as a strong dancer health and Fitness was always important to me. To spread the fitness awareness I started ZUMBA fitness as a ZIN-certified instructor.

Dancing reveal almost everything you hide inside Your heart. It totally expresses your soul. Sometimes it's like a soothing poetry, sometimes a loud cry or revolution, sometimes beyond the world sometimes it's only about your inner-self! So, Dance it out, Express yourself  and Live your life to the fullest!