This plan is suitable for people who wish to join a particular dance form and continue it for long or till they finish the course. 

1. You become a regular student. i.e. there is always a spot reserve for you in class.
2. If by any chance you have to discontinue, then at the time of re-joining, only monthly fee is charged, no re admission.
3. Unlike the pay per class plan, in this plan one will be given a particular timing and days to come for a particular batch.
4. You get discounts (only for members) for international workshops, accessories, goodies etc.
5. Classes cancelled are adjusted.
Admission Fee:
One time membership fee at the time of enrolment which is Rs 1500/- .
Course fee:
The fee varies dance form, age and location wise. We request to go to the 'Classes' on menu bar and 'Select your category', age and dance form to know the fee.