This is plan is better known as drop-in class system. This plan is convenient for students who can not commit to a particular batch.  This plan is suitable for people who wish to just drop in and try some classes for random interest or maybe here in the city for vacation, summer holidays or just wishing to try out dancing.
1. You can do multiple classes in day of different dance forms.
2. You save more because you only pay for the classes you are going to come, unlike course where class missed is also counted.
3. No certification of any course.
4. No classes are committed, i.e. no back up for any class cancelled.
5. Terms & Conditions Applied

1 Class = Rs. 400/-  (No Validity)
5 Class Package = Rs. 1750/-  (20 days Validity)
10 Class Package = Rs 3000/-  (30 Days  Validity)
20 Classes Package = Rs 5500/-  (60 Days Validity)

This one is a great deal if you are confused in dance forms, or are in city for a short span.!