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Visit us : 218, Block J , New Alipore , Kolkata 700053

Tue-Sat :12-8pm & Sunday : 9-2pm. Monday closed

Ph : 033-46014228



Free Jazz and Contemporary Demo Dance Class for Adults in New Alipore

We hosted a free jazz & contemporay dance class in our new alipore studio on 28.6.17.

The response was over whelming as the people were enthralled to learn this dance style.

Few glimpses of the class, see for yourself.....

WhatsApp Image 2017 06 28 at 8.04.26 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017 06 28 at 8.05.14 PM


Free Bollywood Demo for Adults at New Alipore

So, this happened!

Coming out of our league, we did a free class of Bollywood dance on 29.04.17.

The feel. The choreographer. The genre. And the crowd.... Everything was new for you and us!




Free Hip Hop Demo for Adults at New Alipore

Hip hop is one of the most prefered dance form in recent times, so we decided to give a free class which happened on 29.04.17.

People who joined in experienced a new genre all together. A quick look for you to join in....

HHP 10


HHP 11



 Free Kids Hip Hop Demo at New Alipore

New studio and no kids dance..... impossible!

We arranged for a early morning kids demo where we taught the basics of hip hop.
The best part,,, 2 out of 3 registered with us to polish their skills!

A small sneak peek for your better understanding....

IMG 0923

IMG 0922


Free Zumba Demo at New Alipore

We hosted a Free Zumba workshop at New Alipore on 21st April 2017.
The over whelming response left us in awe and we hope to continue giving the same as always.

The crowd was absolutely charged up and the energy level was soaring high!
Don't believe us, check out the images for yourself...

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Free Salsa Demo at New Alipore

Our first Free demo class on 20th April 2017 - Salsa with the director himself Mr. Tapas Das.

We started with an introductory class to teach basics of Salsa. People who joined us for the same were full of enthusiasm to learn the very art form.

Below is a glimpse of their "Happy Feets".

salsa 1

salsa 2

salsa 3

salsa 4




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